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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Fish Pakora $6.95

Seasonal fish delicately battered in seasoned chickpea flour and fried

Chat Papdi $5.95

Crispy flour chips tossed with chopped potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and chutney

Bhel Purl $5.95

Puffed rice and flour chips topped with seasoned onions, cilantro, diced potatoes and chutney

Papad $2.00

Crispy spiced lentil wafers


Pani Purl $5.95

6 pieces of crispy purl shells filled with a mixture of seasoned chickpeas and diced potatoes served with spicy mint water

Onion Pakora $4.50

Crispy onion delicately battered in seasoned chickpea flour and fried. 

Jalapeno Mirchi Pakora $4.00

Spicy jalapenos battered in seasoned chickpea flour and fried.






Vegetable Samosa $4.50

Two crisp turnovers filled with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas

Vegetable Samosa with Chole $6.50

Two crispy vegetable turnovers topped with chickpeas, spiced onions and chutney

Vegetable Pakora $4.50

Delicately spiced fresh vegetable fritters,
deep-fried in 
chickpea batter

Aloo Tikki with Chole $5.95

Two mildly spiced crispy potato patties topped with chickpeas, spiced onions and chutney

Chicken Cutlets $5.95

Two pan-fried, spiced ground chicken cutlets

Chicken Pakora $6.95

Chicken fritters delicately battered in seasoned chickpea flour and fried

Paneer Pakora $5.95

Indian cheese delicately battered in seasoned chickpea flour and fried


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